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Our Founder's Story

When I started my own adoption journey, I was told by agency after agency that as a single woman, I would have an uphill battle and would be facing a significant wait, possibly up to 2 years, to be matched with a birth mom. So, when faced with creating my adoption profile, it was a daunting task, but I was determined to pour my heart and creativity into my profile, and paint a vivid and genuine picture of my life, my family, and my child's future. 

Within a few weeks, the very first expectant mom who reviewed my profile (who was adamant that she only wanted to consider couples) picked mine on the spot from the entire stack of families! Unfortunately, that match did not ultimately go through to placement. However, over the next few weeks and months, my profile was selected as one of the top two families in almost every opportunity I was considered for, and soon after I matched with another sweet expectant mama. 


This journey opened my eyes to the joys, struggles and realities of waiting families, and I realized I wanted to help other adoptive families tell their story and achieve their dream of adopting a child. 

Combining my creative and design passion with more than 20 years experience in the corporate and nonprofit world advocating for others, Adoption by Design was born! 

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"It was such a pleasure to meet and work with Kendra. She is so talented in the way that she is able to capture a family’s true essence in pictures. I’m so grateful that my consultant referred me to her." 
- Bethany & Brian

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